In Amn, everything has a price. From assassins and slaves to art and artifacts, the nation offers an indulgence or a vice for everyone. The laws can be strict for those without a coin or two for the right bribe at the right time. Around every street corner and bend in the road, Amn might hold the opportunity of a lifetime—or a cutthroat waiting to end your life.

Despite its harsh reputation, Amn is a civilized and developed country. The rulers ensure that roads are maintained and kept safe for commercial use, and the people, though often of a darker nature than in some other places in Faeloria, are still mostly normal folk.

Five wealthy and corrupt merchant houses control Amn. These High Houses form the governing Council of Five, which rules from the capital city of Athkatla, has complete authority over the nation, and keeps a close check on all military and mercantile activity. Amn has the largest fleet of merchant ships in Faeloria and transports goods across all ports.

Although Amn is widely disliked, it has avoided conflict through means of scheming, intimidation, and intrigue. Many foreign merchants and nobles have made fortunes through deals with Amn.


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