Faith of the New Gods

The New Gods are the deities of Good who triumphed over the primordials and elder wyrms to create and protect Argesa.

Taredhel, the God of Law, Keeper of the Yellow Sun. The god of time, justice, and judgment.
Zeriel, Goddess of the Earth, The Great Mother. The goddess of growth, the earth, and fertility, creator of primal magic.
Moradin, God of War, The Soul Forger, All-Father of the Dwarves. Moradin forged the Dwarf race, is stern, stubborn, uncompromising, but tireless and brave
Adriel, Lady of Magic, The Moonmaiden. She governs the ebb and flow of tides, constantly battles the darkness, and protects the innocent, creator of Divine magic.
Nelebrie, First of Seladrine, father of the eladrin. Nelebrie created the elvish races, and arcane magic.
Racha, The Binder of What is Known. Racha is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, and scholars.
Aran, Lord of the Dead, Guardian of Souls. Presides over the passage from life to death, judging the faithless and false, and sending souls to their proper fate in the afterlife. Also known as the guardian of souls through the Shadowfell.

Other Gods

Pyros, the God of Chaos, the Trickster God
Cyric, the Mad God
Shar, Mistress of the Night

Faith of the New Gods

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