A land of friendship and safety, a defensive league of strong, independent cities. It offers a new start for people with ruined lives, welcoming those of all races and backgrounds, as long as their intentions are noble.

The country of Kuma was founded in 1371 DR from the alliance of three cities – Catun, Seford, and Sirithil against an emergent orc kingdom. Originally, this alliance also included nearby dwarf strongholds, but later dissolved their participation in the defense of Kuma as they were unwilling to compromise their own defenses by shoring up the smaller settlements in the area. The dwarves remain a possible powerful ally, but are unreliable.

Kuma has gained a reputation for safe, friendly cities surrounded by wilderness, dotted with all sorts of ruins, monster lairs, and lost shrines. Trade roads are fairly safe, patrolled by the combined militant forces of the three member cities, whose professed primary objective is the safety of travellers in the savage wilds. The cities of Kuma are known as the unofficial bases of several non-affiliated adventuring companies.

Enemies of Kuma include the orcs, the Zelubelese, and the Underdark realms of Menzoberranzan and Gracklstugh.


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