Pyros is the God of Chaos, also known as the Trickster God, and Queen of Spiders. Pyros is neither male nor female, and is either, depending on the follower. Pyros revels in betrayal and blood. As the Spider Queen, she demands absolute obedience from the drow, presiding over their manifold schemes and betrayals, and is sovereign over all arachnids. As the God of Chaos, he is the patron of winter, shadow, and lies. He is also a trickster and a shapeshifter, causing trouble for the other gods.

Pyros demands his followers:

  • Honor Pyros through sacrifices of blood and that which you hold dear
  • Kill no spider, for to do so is to attack Pyros him/herself
  • Be merciless in the execution of your duties, and show no pity to the weak

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


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